Alarms, CCTV and Electrical Installations

Smart CCTV Systems

The needs of NJElectrical customers are evolving, so to are the skills and specialism of our business. In recent years the requirement to protect and deter potential criminals from our property and possessions from intruders have led to an increased focus on installing the very best and discreet of CCTV & alarm systems (see our Alarms section).

With a range of CCTV options, data storage solutions and live links to any PC or connection to a Smart Phone you can be anywhere in the world and know your property is at least under your own surveillance. You can choose cameras that are discreet or in open view t to act as a further physical deterrent.

You can ensure camera’s are pointed towards main parking spaces – protecting your cars too. Or ensure your entrances are monitored and use prior to answering the door. You can also point the cameras at risk points such as near bins or a flat roof.

With infrared you have a perfect view of your property at night too and when combined with professional flood lighting they instantly revert back to day-time quality.

We would be pleased to talk to you about our range of products to improve your security, just call to arrange an appointment at your convenience.

Access by Smart Phone

With the increase in availability of applications across Smart Phones the CCTV systems can be viewed where ever you can get a signal with typically no more than a 5 second delay.

This ability to provide protection for possessions, property and importantly loved ones who might not be where you are, provides you with that added piece of mind.

Physical Security Solutions

In addition to our electronic security services we are very proud to work in association with a leading operator of physical security installations including security shutters, grilles and gates. Should you wish to take a complete review towards improving your security we will be happy to conduct a combined survey and approach to our installation ensuring the maximum benefit and minimal disruption to you.

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